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One day of 1855. While observing the steep and wild promontory over the Grignano bay, so tangled and thick that in some parts it became almost impenetrable, Maximilian of Habsburg, Imperial Prince and Archduke of Austria, future Emperor of Mexico, can already see something unique ahead. He buys the land, knowing that the castle he will have built will make history.

One day of 1992. While observing that hotel over the Grignano bay, Gilberto Benvenuti, Venetian, sees ahead. He knows that that Hotel, the Riviera, with some work done on it “à la Benvenuti”, will become something unique. “This is the story. We inherited Gilberto's unique style and passion. It continues growing, and we grow along with it every day, in everything we do”. Hedy, Alex and Susy.

These are the Benvenutis that will welcome you today with family warmth and style at the Riviera & Maximilian's.

Hotel Riviera

Cartolina storica - 1898

Cartolina storica - 1898