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What setting could be more fascinating for a child than an enormous cave (that is the meaning of its Italian name), where our prehistoric ancestors and terrifying cave bears lived during the remote Neolithic Era?
Located in Borgo Grotta, this cave is a perfect example of a subterranean Karst environment. It is listed by Guinness World Records as the tourist cave with the world's largest hall. 

Just to give an idea of the impressive size of this cavern: one of the chambers, the Grande Caverna, is 98.5 m high, 167.6 m long and 76.3 m wide. The maximum depth reached on the visitors' path is 101.1 m. Impressive, isn't it?

Visitors can take guided tours all year, descending to 100 m below ground level.

Comfortable shoes and clothing appropriate for the constant temperature of 11°C are recommended.