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Do you believe that the love for your dog and your holiday cannot coexist? Well, we'll have to prove you wrong!

Why should you leave your dog at home when you go on holiday?
They are more than welcome at the Riviera & Maximilian's Hoel & SPA.
It doesn't matter if they are large, medium or small size dogs, or if they have or do not have noble pedigrees, they're all

V.I.P.s to us: Very Important Pet!

When booking:

Please remember to tell us if you are going to bring your dog: you will be given a room that is well-suited for the comfort of the both of you.
Extra charge for bringing a dog: 10 euro (for each dog that you decide to bring) a day.

When checking in:

You will be given a welcome letter with all the information about the services available for your dog, including the emergency veterinary service, available 24/7.
For your dog to be happy and at ease during your stay, we will also give you some tips about how to behave in the hotel (do's and don'ts).
A map with the walking areas surrounding the hotel to walk safely will be provided to you.

In your room:
A water bowl will be available for your dog

On request with a 24 hour advance:

  • Dog-sitting

  • Dog-walking

  • Grooming service ( dog-sitting service will also be required, in order to take and then pick up the dog from the specialized salon)

  • Taxi service “ok Fido a bordo”

Dear dog, don't leave your Human at home, bring him with you.

See you soon!